The BGREEN grand prize winners are in the Azores

4-Oct-2017   //   bgreenfestival   //   News

 The winners of the 7th edition of Bgreen – ecological film festival have already embarked on the ecoAdventure trip to the Azores.

From September 20th to 24th, the students from Montemor-o-Velho Professional school will get to know the Azores natural paradise. From the observation of cetaceans and the visit to Ponta Delgada to the Fire Lagoon walk in São Miguel, the EcoAdventure trip represents the culmination of the school year in which environmental issues were in the minds of thousands of youngsters. From Brazil to Norway, Argentina to Croatia, hundreds of students committed to the construction of a better world.

The 8th edition is just around the corner. Keep updated via the festival’s official website or on Facebook.

Did you know…

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