Plant trees? We can help!

24-Jan-2012   //   bgreenfestival   //   News

Plant trees? We can help!

Last January 21st, OFICINA – Professional School participated in the project entitled 100.000 trees in Porto’s metropolitan area, an initiative promoted by the CRE_Porto in partnership with the municipality of Santo Tirso, a project that aims to reforest around 100 acres of burnt, free or in need of reconversion areas.

Throughout Saturday morning, over 20 students got down to work and helped plant 1100 hawthorns, hazel and oak trees in the mount Padrão area.

The aims of such initiative were to enrich biodiversity, improve air quality and contribute to a better quality of life. Therefore, the bgreen // ecological film festival team could not remain indifferent and gave its contribution

Did you know…

A major pollutant can be... a baby? Every day more than 500 million disposable diapers are thrown in the garbage and will take about 500 years to decompose. As only a few mothers, even the more ecological ones, would accept going back to cloth diapers, there already are some brands that produce biological diapers.


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