16-Mar-2020   //   bgreenfestival   //   News

It is with profound sadness but, at the same time, a great sense of responsibility that the organization of the bgreen // ecological film festival cancels the event’s 10th edition  due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the new Coronavirus.

Bgreen believes that within the next few months, the conditions necessary for the creation of the audiovisual content are not met and consequently the realization of the BGREEN week and award ceremony.

We hope to have information about the 2021 edition as soon as possible.

Until then, please remember to follow the directions of the WHO (World Health Organization) and protect yourself and all those around you.

Did you know…

Some plastic containers, including feeding bottles, contain an additive which makes plastic harder and transparent. When the chemical connection between that substance and polycarbonate plastic is broken, it mixes with the liquid inside the container. This phenomenon is accelerated when heating the plastic. Most people heat their food in the microwave in plastic recipients… The effect that these substances have on humans is still being studied but it is known to cause several health problems to animals.


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