Finalists bgreen 2014

24-Apr-2014   //   bgreenfestival   //   News

Dear Greeners,

It is with great enthusiasm that we unveil bgreen’s list of the 4th edition finalist video spots.

The preselection of the spots was based on a set of criteria present in the rules and regulations, such as creativity, originality, social and environmental impact and innovation.

All finalists are therefore invited to attend the Award Ceremony, on June 6th 2014 at the Fábrica de Santo Thyrso in Santo Tirso, Portugal.

The finalist video spots will compete in the following categories / awards: bgreen // ecological film festival Grand Prize, Honorable Mention, Best Message, People’s Choice and Best Making-of.

Bgreen // ecological film festival is extremely grateful to all who participated.

Did you know…

We never think of energy as an asset but did you know that the EU imports more than half the energy it uses? For example, it gets around 50% of all its gas from only 3 sources: Russia, Norway and Algeria.


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