June 9th, Grand Gala Bgreen

21-May-2021   //   bgreenfestival   //   News

Now that we know the finalists of Bgreen’s 10th edition, we disclose all the details of the Award Ceremony. 

The Grand Gala will take place on June 9th at 9pm with online transmission via Facebook and Youtube.

Despite being in an online format, we want the Bgreen community to come together! You will be able to follow the ceremony through our channels and social media and comment and congratulate the winners. 

Throughout the transmission we have several surprises and awards for the most watchful viewers. 

We cannot fail to reinforce a message of profound gratitude to all the schools, teachers and students that mobilized around the environmental theme and that participated and sent their video spots, despite all the constraints and challenges associated with the difficult period we are living in. 

Your participation makes us further believe that this is the right path towards caring for our Common Home!

Keep following all the news via Bgreen’s official website at www.bgreenfestival.com and our social media. 

See you soon! 

Did you know…

The energy that is saved by recycling a glass bottle is enough to keep a 100 watts lamp on for 4 hours.


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