Grand Prize bgreen // ecological film festival award

Grand Prize bgreen // Eco-Adventure trip to the Azores // Top Ten Places to Travel

The winners of the Grand Prize are rewarded with an eco-adventure trip to the Azores.


Have you ever thought about going to the Azores? Is it something you might be keen on? What if you could bring your friends along on the trip of your life? And all for free.

To do so, you only have to make a video spot on environmental issues.

If your team wins, you’ll get the chance to travel to one of the nine islands of the archipelago of the Azores, S. Miguel, also known as “the green island”.

Do you appreciate peaceful sightseeing? Or do you prefer adrenaline?

On this trip you will be able to combine adrenaline and contact with nature!

It is the perfect venue to go on pedestrian paths that will enable you to discover a whole new world… You will have the pleasure of breathing in and enjoying the tranquility of nature as well as getting to know some of the native species such as the heather, beech, laurel and holly…


The Azores Islands – What You Need to Know

An overview of the stunning and diverse islands of the Azores Archipelago.


You’ll also get the opportunity of experiencing something unique by visiting the Lagoa do Fogo and the Lagoa das Furnas and tasting the traditional Furnas dish, which is cooked with the land’s natural heat. And it becomes even better as you bathe in the crystal clear waters of the natural pools scattered throughout the island or invigorating mud of Poça da Dona Beija, perfect places to relax and recharge your batteries.

Does all of this sound interesting? Then, all you have to do is participate and get the chance of winning an eco-adventure trip to the Azores.


Eco-Adventure trip to the Azores 2014


Did you know…

The energy that is saved by recycling a glass bottle is enough to keep a 100 watts lamp on for 4 hours.


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