BGREEN returns to the Azores

29-Nov-2021   //   por bgreenfestival   //   News, Uncategorized
The winners of the Bgreen Grand Prize – 2021

This year, the island of S.Miguel welcomed once again the winners of the Bgreen Grand Prize and, for the first time, also the winners of the Alphonse Luisier Award.

On the 20th October, the winners landed in the city of Ponta Delgada to indulge in three days of adventure in the heart of a truly natural paradise that has been protected from human action. Did you know that the colourful hydrangeas we see along the roads and in the middle of fields are not just to beautify but also to divide the land? What an incredible way to divide the terrain.

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Did you know…

Glass can be recycled almost infinite times: hundreds or even millions of times.


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