Bgreen Grand Prize: EcoAdventure trip to the Azores

21-Mar-2017   //   bgreenfestival   //   News

The countdown for the submission of videos does not stop. April 4th is just around the corner. Don’t forget to participate and get the chance of winning a 4-day EcoAdventure Trip to the Azores. The archipelago was elected 2016 best tourist destination by National Geographic’s Traveler Magazine and European Best Destination Organization making the Azores a Greener’s ideal place for a dream vacation.

But the prizes don’t stop here. The winners in the Bgreen Junior Category, which is aimed at 8th and 9th grade students or equivalent, will be the recipients of audiovisual equipment. Be sure to participate and make a difference.

Under the motto The Glocal Effect: local action, global future, bgreen’s objective is to raise awareness towards the ecological problems humanity faces nowadays. Think about all the little gestures that may cause a great impact on a global scale.

To know more on how to participate, consult the rules and regulations here. You may also want to consult the Technical Script – How to create a spot and learn what steps to take in order to qualify you to win the EcoAdventure Trip to the Azores.

All videos must be submitted until April 4th, 2017.

Participate and become a Greener.

Did you know…

It takes 90 liters of water a day to feed a cow. The production of a kilogram of meat takes around 100.000 liters of water (!), while a kilogram of cereals would only take 1.900 liters. It makes you want to become a vegetarian.


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