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Best moments | bgreen // ecological film festival 2016


After a magnificent award ceremony that concluded yet another bgreen festival, we are back for the 7th edition! Our deepest appreciation to the thousands of students and teachers across the globe that participated in last year’s edition.

Bgreen // ecological film festival, promoted by OFICINA – Professional School, aims to raise young people’s awareness to issues regarding ecology.

In this edition, the chosen inspiration draws our attention to the impact local action may have in global issues and challenges in the areas of environmental and social sustainability. Based on this year’s slogan The Glocal Effect: local action, global future, bgreen strives to call people’s attention so as to enable a deeper awareness towards the ecological problems mankind faces nowadays. Small actions and attitudes we may have in our daily life have global consequences. A person’s problem is in fact everyone’s problem.

Once again bgreen is focusing on justice and environmental, economical and social inequalities since those who less pollute and harm the planet are those who most frequently suffer from the global problems we face today (e.g. water shortages in Africa, extinction of species in Asia, rise of the sea level in the Pacific, deforestation in the Amazon, and so on).

The novelty in this year’s edition is the existence of a new category for students, between 13 and 14 years old.

Therefore, BGREEN challenges all students to send their video spots on environmental issues until April 4th, 2017.

All participants will be invited to attend the Award Ceremony, which will take place on June 2nd, 2017.

More information on this initiative will be released soon.

Did you know…

75% of fishing areas have been completely plundered of their fish stocks. But trees are even worse: 80% of the world’s forests have disappeared.


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