Bgreen 2016 // Powered by Nature

7-Nov-2015   //   bgreenfestival   //   News

Bgreen // ecological film festival is back for its 6th edition with the motto Powered by Nature, which aims to promote clean energies that are fair, sustainable and accessible to all.

By emphasizing the theme of renewable energies, bgreen seeks to shed light on a new ecological paradigm that views such energies not as alternative, but as THE energy that provides harmony between Man and Nature.

After five editions, Bgreen now opens its doors to young people all over the world, aged 14 to 21 that are attending secondary or equivalent studies.

All video spots must be submitted until April 17th 2016.

The winners of the Bgreen grand prize will be awarded an eco-trip to the Azores.

To find out more about the festival, please explore this website.

Did you know…

A major pollutant can be... a baby? Every day more than 500 million disposable diapers are thrown in the garbage and will take about 500 years to decompose. As only a few mothers, even the more ecological ones, would accept going back to cloth diapers, there already are some brands that produce biological diapers.


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