Award Winners // bgreen 2016

Award Winners bgreen // ecological film festival 2016

Grand Prize:
The Power of the Future
Charlottenlund Videregående Skole

Honorable Mention Award:
Há Pouco Mundo
Colégio D. Diogo de Sousa

Best Making-Of Award:
Experience Nature
Charlottenlund Videregående Skole

People’s Choice Award:
Dear Earth
Colegio San Jose Jesuitak Ikastetxea

Alphonse Luisier Award:
Kung Fu Fighting
OFICINA – Escola Profissional do INA

Did you know…

A major pollutant can be... a baby? Every day more than 500 million disposable diapers are thrown in the garbage and will take about 500 years to decompose. As only a few mothers, even the more ecological ones, would accept going back to cloth diapers, there already are some brands that produce biological diapers.


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