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14-Nov-2012   //   bgreenfestival   //   News

Following the planting of trees, to which BGREEN // Ecological Film Festival was associated during its second edition, a group of 20 students and teachers gave their contribution to the cleanup, planting and replanting initiative that took place last November 10th around 9:30 am at Monte Padrão, in Monte Córdova, in the municipality of Santo Tirso.

This morning’s work, commitment and dedication demonstrated by all volunteers and the precious help and guidance of Forestry Sappers made the replacement of dead trees, the plantation of several species such as hawthorn, hazel and oak trees and the cleanup of the site possible. For the second consecutive year, BGREEN took action and made the difference by restoring some of the vegetation that was lost due to recurrent fires in the area.

This initiative was a part of the FUTURE – 100.000 Trees in the Porto Metropolitan Area Project, sponsored by the CRE Porto in close cooperation with the municipality of Santo Tirso and the Associação de Silvicultores do Vale do Ave (Vale do Ave Foresters Association).


Did you know…

Nature takes 3 to 6 months to recycle paper. It takes 500 years to recycle a sanitary napkin, a wipe or a plastic cup. If the Portuguese explorers took Tupperware in their caravels, it would still be here (the Tupperware of course).


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